The INSEC questionnaire for security technology providers


Does your organisations provide technologies, products, services, competences and / or know-how to the security organisations, or plans to do so in the nearby future? If yes, we invite you to fill in this INSEC questionnaire in order to reflect on your experiences in collaboration with the security organisations and get further involved with new business opportunities to be provided by INSEC initiative.

INSEC is an EU co-funded initiative striving to improve the Innovation and Research processes of security organisations. One of the main outputs of the initiative is the INSEC online innovation platform enabling collaboration between European and further security technology providers and public / private security organisations. By supporting the users in better provision, screening, evaluation and integration of novel approaches, the platform will help to increase the visibility of technology providers to the security organisations and hence diversify the range of products and services that security organisations develop in cooperation with the business sector.

The questionnaire has 4 short sections reflecting information needed for develop the INSEC platform and services according to your organisation´s actual needs:

  • Communication on the products and services – Your input: provide information on the competences, services and products of your organisation. INSEC added value: establishing channels for communicating the information to potential clients;
  • Collaboration and new business opportunities – Your input: provide feedback on your experience in collaboration (via service or product contracts, cooperation projects, etc) with security organisations. INSEC added value: establishing an environment for identifying new business opportunities,
  • Collaboration procedure optimization – Your input: Reflect on the channels for establishing collaboration and identifying business opportunities. INSEC added value: provide tools, methods, services and training for optimizing the collaboration procedures.
  • Visibility of the organisation – Your input: provide basic information. INSEC added value: Establish a database and network to help your organisation become more visible in the security field;

Filling the questionnaire will take you approximately 15 minutes. After completion, you will receive a free access to the INSEC web-platform with current and further applications to be developed supporting the initiation and management of collaboration with your potential clients (security organisations). Additionally, 12 organisations answering the questionnaire will be selected to participate in classical training sessions on innovation management, European Cooperation programmes and innovation financing to be held within INSEC initiative in the second half of year 2013.

Please help us in developing the tools and methods for better cooperation and more innovations between security organisations and business sector by answering the questionnaire.

We are very grateful for your time and feedback, thank you in advance!

Data Protection/Confidentiality Agreement
Data Protection / Confidentiality Agreement The Increase Innovation and Research within Security Organisations (INSEC) FP7 Project #285287 observes the privacy conditions of data protection law when collecting, storing and processing any potential personal or security sensitive data provided. You may request to see the information stored by INSEC at any time and rectify any mistakes.
The INSEC Consortium undertake to handle all Identifying Data Collected according to Directive 95/46 of the European Parliament and the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
It is understood that the Data gathering will lead to reports. All identifying Data will be anonomised by the INSEC consortium. Results of the data gathering will thus be reflected when writing the reports, project deliverables and dissemination material.
For further Information or Clarification, please contact the INSEC Ethical Manager.