Innovation management

8 partners with experience in innovation management will:

  • Define the problems of public end-users with regard to research and innovation;
  • Monitor technological developments;
  • Provide creativity supports to generate new innovation ideas;
  • Identify end users weak points in managing innovations;
  • Identify SME requirements to efficiently work with/for Security end-user organizations in order to facilitate the innovation process;
  • Identify European best practices for each type of end user process;
  • Propose the pilot activities and facilitate integration of new innovative activities into the management systems of the end-users.
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    Alma Consulting Group SAS is an Operational Management Consulting Company & is the largest specialist team of its kind in Europe, with offices in 10 countries, 1700 employees & a turnover of 261 M€.
    The Research & Innovation Financing Department, situated in both Lyon & Paris, has 18 years experience in R&D project management, both at national and international level.
    ALMA Consulting Group’s recognised expertise in the management of collaborative projects includes day-to-day operational project management. ALMA Consulting Group, thanks to its many collaborations with R&D consortia, has developed specific & original knowledge & methodologies in partnership management to support them efficiently in the full achievement of their objectives. The Innovation Department consists of 340 employees (consultants & administrators) all with engineer and/or PhD background associated with complementary training, for example in budget & project management or technology transfer.
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    Marketing Communication
    - Integrative and creative communication to interact and inform. For projects, organizations and trademarks.

    Information Systems
    Manage, inform and communicate efficiently through the web, For productivity, collaboration and business.

    Research, development and innovation consulting.
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    Civitta is the leading independent management consultancy of the Baltics and western CIS region. We bridge the gaps that organisations need to overcome in striving to achieve their goals. Our services cover the full span from problem or opportunity identification and action planning to identification of financing solutions and decision implementation support.

    The company has been built through a merger of Lithuanian company Civitta, Estonian companies Innopolis and Advisio, combined with organic growth in neighbouring countries. The value of consultancy projects and transactions advised by Civitta exceeds 1 billion Euros. The consultancy portfolio involves more than 1000 clients mainly in the Baltics, CIS, Central- and Western Europe, but also USA and Asia.

    The services of innovation and enterprise development direction are aimed at business sector and SMEs – developing management systems, products and services, compilation of according business plans, feasibility studies, building clusters and networks, carrying out surveys in specific sectors, compiling thematic or sectorial strategies, development plans, studies and policy analyses. 

    As an international cooperation we provide the following expertise:
    - innovation and technology consultations (RD+I and product, innovation system analyses, audits and evaluation, forecasting, roadmapping, knowledge management, development of according tools and models), 
    - strategic planning services (development plans, feasibility studies, marketing plans etc), 
    - research, studies and policy analyses, 
    - local and international project preparation and management expertise.
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    FM MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SRL (FMMC) is a private & independent company established in 2004 in order to provide consultancy services for management and business development. Our mission is to support the private sector & public authorities in sustainable development for creation of a knowledge based society and an efficient and competitive economy.

    During the last 5 years our main activities were focused on supporting the research – development & innovation within private and public sectors, by providing specialized consultancy services on the whole life cycle of projects (from the idea until the project finalization). We supported our clients in development of innovative (R&D) projects by providing experienced persons with relevant knowledge in innovation, marketing, partnership creation, training, analysis, etc and also offered an efficient implementation of these projects by using proper management schemes and our qualified personnel.

    The projects (at national & international level) developed by our consultants prove their experience and achievements in various activity fields: development of the SMEs, regional development, research - development & innovation, human resources development, education, ICT, energy and environment.
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    United Kingdom
    EFPC (UK) Ltd staff have considerable Framework Program experience covering the technical, financial, ethical and project management aspects. In the INSEC project Dana Remes has the role of INSEC Ethical Manager, and EFPC (UK) Ltd are work package leaders of WP5 "Best Practice".

    EFPC (UK) Ltd have participated in several FP7 Security and ICT projects, and were coordinators of the Security Project LOGSEC and participants in the Security project FESTOS. EFPC (UK) Ltd were partners in the ICT NCP support project Idealist2011 responsible for Quality Management and they are currently carrying out the same role in the follow-up project Idealist2014. EFPC (UK) Ltd has many technological connections and experience and is a member of several ICT ETPs such as NESSI and Net!Works (former eMobility).
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    Inogate exists since 2004, and has been helping organizations to grow and transform themselves through innovation. It has deep domain expertise in radical, disruptive and collective innovation and also on collaborative human-centric business processes, using it to help organizations to overcome severe growth issues or to solve specific innovation challenges.

    By partnering with leading innovation providers in the world and throughout the experience gained over the last years by engaging directly with clients, Inogate noticed a huge room for improvement when it comes to innovation management. In order to address that, we fill the gap between theory and practice, effectively transforming innovation into business results.
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    everis is an employee-owned multi-national consulting company offering business and strategy advisory, transformation programs, solutions integration, technological applications maintenance and outsourcing services. Our consulting firm works within the banking (Retail, Corporate, TCM and Wholesale), consumer goods and retail, energy and utilities, healthcare, insurance, media, manufacturing, public administration, telecommunications and tourism sectors.

    everis began operations in Madrid in 1996 reaching a turnover of 564€ million in Fiscal year 2011 (12% increase with a healthy balance sheet) and a headcount of more than 10,000 consultants worldwide, purely with organical growth. Currently,everis shareholders are everis’ employees (66%), two British investment funds (3i and Hutton Collins), the Landon Group, and a group of minority shareholders. everis started in the UK in 2002, with a huge investment in the last two years in order to achieve a preeminent position in the consulting arena based on a 5 years Business Plan Strategy. Globally, everis’ footprint includes European and Latin American countries and United States.

    The differential value everis offers in the marketplace is our ability to obtain results, satisfy our clients and our proven ability to identifying business benefits.

    everis provides to our employees a highly entrepreneurial environment (based on the shared ownership schema and autonomy to decide and execute), a professional career (based on different professional paths with yearly objective appraisals and promotions supervised by individual mentoring) in a team working, non-hierarchical and open organization (partnership model).
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