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Security Research under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) is getting to its end. The last call for proposals has closed in November 2012 and the time for analysis and conclusions for the European Security Research stakeholders and policymakers is now.

On the other hand, the changing current economic and financial situation since the FP7 approval makes necessary to meet new security needs and growth objectives for the next years. This needs and objectives are addressed by reference documents – e.g. the European Security Research and Innovation Agenda (ESRIA) - and EU strategic policies such as ‘Europe 2020’, ‘Innovation Union’, the ‘Security Industrial Policy’ or the ‘Defence Industrial Policy’ (about to be published).

With the objective to address major challenges, Security Research is permanently bringing together research and innovation, developing knowledge and innovative technologies, enhancing competitiveness and international collaboration, reducing the gap between research and market and creating rapid responses to the interests and needs of the citizens.

At this biennial high level international fair in Madrid, with more than 150 exhibitors and 6.000 foreseen participants and decision-makers from over 100 countries, the European Commission will showcase a selection of FP7 research projects and achievements.

The following presentations, panels and round tables highlighting special topics of interest will take place:

  • The Security Industrial Policy Action Plan – state of play of implementation and next steps, including the role of security standardisation and certification
  • Defence Industry Policy – new challenges and opportunities
  • Research meets industry - experiences from national programmes
  • Security Research in Horizon 2020
  • Industrial Innovation - Security and Defence Clusters
  • Research to enhance fight against Cyber Crime (tbd)