With a consortium of consulting companies and security end-users (public and private security organisations), the INSec project focuses on the existing needs and practices of 4 types of organisations:

  • Rescue Services
  • Police and National Security Office
  • Academies of Security Sciences
  • National Security Infrastructures (port, border control)

As described below, eleven main tasks grouped by the following type of activities will be implemented:

Activity 1 - Analysis and Studies

  1. Analyse the main aspects of Innovation Management in the security-related operators (end-users), both public and private
  2. Assess the Level of Innovation inside the organisation
  3. Foster new business models for Security
  4. Promote the security and privacy requirements at the early stages of systems development ("Security and Privacy by design")
  5. Analyse and evaluate the impact of new technologies and review their legal implications

Activity 2 - Innovation Ideas and Technology boost

     6. Create a new innovation model based on the needs of security organisations identified during the creativity sessions.

     7. Build an open platform which will integrate effective tools for technology watch, forecasting and roadmapping for the security sector. The aim is to provide an integrated framework for technology screening activity at European level in order to identify weak spots and early demand in R&D.

     8. Find services related to the platform tools which will encourage an appropriate use of technology or the implementation of innovative ideas for responding to new threats, in the medium to long-term.

Activity 3 - Best practices and networking

      9. Create networking activities and exchanges of best practices between security end-users in Europe

      10. Establish for the 4 types of management systems a European best practices list

Activity 4 - Training

      11. Define training needs and create an "innovation" vocational training system framework for end-users available for all European Security Organisation.