Training Sessions

One of the main targets of INSEC project is to supply security end-users (e.g. police, rescue services, fire departments, security infrastructures) with knowledge and practical skills in the management of innovation and to improve security end-user’ collaboration (innovative) practices by training.  This will assist them to improve their (internal) innovation management system and support them to increase collaborations & networking with organisations from other sectors, mainly SMEs (as partners within RDI projects or suppliers of innovative products, processes or services).

During its last 6 months of implementation, INSEC will organize 4 classic training sessions on topics related to innovation management (development of innovation strategy, innovation plan, IPR strategy, project management) and HORIZON 2020 – as the main funding program of the EC related to RDI activities.

The classic training sessions will be organised in Estonia (Tallinn), Spain (Madrid), France (tbd) and Romania (Bucharest) by the Consultant organisations, partners within the INSEC project.  All the necessary information regarding participation at these events is presented here (use the left side menu to navigate).